Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Question: What makes your course any different than the others?

We are a school with a long list of Curriculums with over two hundred videos per course that will teach you from a Beginner, to an Intermediate, to a Master. We teach you with step-by-step instructions not to mention that we are affordable. Our Professional Instructor Grady Hill has over 30 years experience Teaching Piano, Organ & Keyboard. He knows EXACTLY what you need to Learn and in what Order you need to learn it!

Question: How long will it take me to learn to play the piano through your course?

The length of time depends on each individual. We offer a 9 to 12 month course, but it is determined by how motivated you are to learning to play the piano and how much time you practice.

Question: I’m a beginner. What course should I take?

It is best for you to start with the Beginner course in the style of music you want; Blues, Jazz, R&B, or Gospel. Then work your way to the Intermediate and Master courses. Each course is comprehensive & complete!

Question: Can I share my course access with friends and family?

If they are using YOUR Device, then yes. BUT do not share your login information / account access with anyone. As simple as our system may look, the Programming is VERY intelligent and constantly on the lookout for stolen accounts. If someone else accesses your account it WILL know and will either Warn you, Cancel you and/or BAN you from our system Automatically! We can’t stress this enough, to UnBan your account takes a lot of effort on the part of our techs and you’ll need a Really good reason for us to do it. Contact Support if you run into a problem.

Question: My Account was stolen?

Contact Support (Banned Account department) RIGHT NOW. You are responsible for your Login information but if you suspect someone gained access without your Knowledge let us know as soon as possible so we can work on getting you back into your course.

Question: Can I just keep signing up for the Free Trial on a single course?

Nope. Trying this will likely get you Banned. One Free Trial for each Genre. You can try them all Once.

Question: Do you provide One-on-One Tutoring?

That is a Feature we are considering but is not offered at this time. When we begin offering the option we’ll place a notice in your course section that it’s available.


Billing Questions

Question: Is the Free Trial Really “Free”?

Yes! You get a 7 Day Free Trial on Every course you Register for. After the 7 Day Trial ends your credit card will be billed based on the plan you selected unless you cancel before the trial period ends.

Question: I want to take more than 1 course at a time, how does Billing work?

As far as Billing is concerned EACH course (Genre) are Registed independantly. So say you register for Blues Piano today and tomorrow you also register for Gospel Piano, Both would show in your course listings but would bill on their seperate Dates. This way you have complete freedom without having to switch between different accounts for each course. (7 day free trial also applies to each)

Question: Do you save my Billing information?

No! All payment processing is through Paypal’s secure system, none of your billing information is stored on Our systems.

Question: Do you offer Refunds?

Like all instruction courses we do not “pro-rate” or offer refunds because you are able to stop your Courses at anytime by simply Cancelling your registration.

Technical Questions

Question: Will my Course work on My device?

Your device simply needs Internet access. That includes PCs / Macs / Laptops / Tablets / SmartPhones!

Question: Will Videos play on My device?

In most cases Yes, because all internet devices have some type of Video Player built in. Our streaming videos are in a “raw” format meaning they are not locked into a specific format like Flash. Your device should automatically start a Default Video Player that’s built into it. Test It Here

Question: Can I access my Courses anywhere?

Yes! Whatever device you use just needs Internet Access that can get to our website! Your entire course is online.

Question: Do I have to download a Program?

Nope! There is nothing you need to download, your course is stored online. At times we may add additional features such as a (optional) Referrence Guide in an ebook format that would need to be downloaded.


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