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The Piano, Organ and Keyboard lessons are built to be viewed on any PC, Mac, Tablet or even SmartPhone. The Goal is to allow the student the freedom to sit at their Piano/Organ/Keyboard with their Tablet or Laptop and play along. Your course can be accessed anywhere you have an Internet connection!

Learn Rhythm & Blues for Piano & Keyboard

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After your FREE Trial we’ll automatically bill your credit card on the schedule you select below. $29.95 per Month block or $80.86 every 3 Month block. You may Cancel at Anytime during your Free Trial OR anytime there-after. Like all instruction courses we do not “pro-rate” or offer refunds because you are able to stop your Courses at anytime by simply Cancelling your registration.

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In just a few minutes after Registration we’ll email your Course login information, check your Junk eMail folder if you don’t see it.

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Because you can access your account anywhere you have an Internet connection you can review your course even while sitting in the doctor's office, on your lunch break or even while on Vacation!

Piano, Organ & Keyboard Courses:

Professionally structured Piano, Organ and Keyboard courses online with 100's of Videos intended to walk you from Beginner to Master at your own pace.

No Tests and No Pressure
You have complete freedom to move around all levels of your course or Review sections at anytime.

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